Peter Haimerl

Harbour me, Celia! - Viechtach - Germany

“A spic-and-span yodel hut renovation of my old farmhouse is out of the question,” said the client to Peter Haimerl at the start of this unusual conversion—or better put—infill project.
“I want the patchwork, piecemeal character of the old house to remain visible. One should be able to see where it had to stretch, where it needed to grow with the needs of its inhabitants.”
For the most part, the architect left the dilapidated farm in the Bavarian Forest in its existing condition.
He did, however, cut new openings into the walls and add a concrete frame in the rooms, which creates a climatically and technically new world that yet remains connected to the old.
The lightweight concrete was poured directly onto the existing building, and Foamglas made from recycled glass was added for insulation.
In the few instances where parts of the original building had to be removed to accommodate the new structure, these parts were recycled to furnish the interior.





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