Gallery Building “Am Kupfergraben 10” - Berlin - Germany

The gallery closes the last vacant lot between Museum Island and the Neue Wache.
At this corner block, the architects have created a four-story house between two historic buildings, positioning it as part of the “cityscape” along the canal opposite the Neues Museum.
With this new building, David Chipperfield Architects falls into step with the Berlin policy of “critical reconstruction.” The gallery fills the footprint of its predecessor that was destroyed during World War II and echoes the preserved pilasters of the neighboring building.
It makes reference to surrounding elements while developing its own sculptural quality—a building principle similar to that of Arno Brandlhuber’s gallery building on Brunnenstrasse.
The whitewashed façade, with salvaged brick masonry and sandblasted, seemingly aged concrete, uses modern technology to reflect both the craftsmanship and feel of a historic façade.





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