Peter Grundmann

Neumann Residence - Neubrandenburg - Germany

With the Neumann House, Peter Grundmann explored the construction of in-between spaces that at first glance seem
unbuildable. Even in the shrinking town of Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), living space in the inner city is expensive.
For his client and her limited budget, Grundmann thus looked for an inexpensive building lot.
Nestled between two Plattenbau apartment blocks (type WBS 70), he found a seven-meter-wide, diagonally cut lot, which was also used for emergency access by the fire department.
The building was constructed four meters above ground level, hugging the immense outer wall of one of the apartment buildings.
With a total area of only three by seven meters, the narrow ground floor serves only as the entrance and storage space. Above this are two floors of living space, while a colored bay window juts out over the street.
At relatively low cost, it was thus possible to insert a three-story, ninety-eight-squaremeter house.
Grundmann sees this kind of imaginative gap-filling as a way to revitalize the downtown area, attracting young people to move or stay there and to “shake up the homogenous image of the city.”
He has meanwhile identified some sixteen such leftover spaces in Neubrandenburg - interested clients are welcome to get in touch.





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