Competition Based in Berlin - Berlin - Germany

For the art exhibition Based in Berlin, an architectural competition with a minuscule budget was announced.
For the three-monthlong exhibition, a contemporary art space was to be erected on the long-standing vacant lot next to the central train station.
Instead of proposing a new construction, three participants developed concepts involving the redevelopment of nearby existing structures.
Brandlhuber + Emde found the empty basement floors of a failed investment object in Wedding; KUEHN MALVEZZI found an old factory building; and Tammo Prinz suggested the redevelopment of “non-spaces” beneath the nearby central station railway bridge.
Despite their differences, all three proposals could have been realized using very few interventions.
Ultimately, however, none of the designs were implemented and the exhibition was held in a former artist studio building in Monbijou Park.
Did the three proposals serve as inspiration? One can only speculate.





Architecture as Resource / Imprint