bogevischs buero

Student Bungalows, Olympic Village - München - Germany

The complete “reproduction” of a residential settlement is certainly an extreme case of renovation.
Only twelve of the original 800 small, student housing units in the Olympic Village (built in 1971) were kept and restored to their original state. The remaining buildings were demolished and redesigned in approximation to the originals.
Due to changes in funding requirements, the width of the buildings had to be reduced from 4.2 meters to 3.15 meters.
Conversely, the settlement was increased to a total of 1,052 buildings.
Werner Wirsing, the architect of the original housing complex, worked together with bogevischs buero to plan the “critical reconstruction” and expansion of the village.
Like their originals, the new buildings are duplex homes in exposed concrete, whose façades can be painted by the residents themselves.
The changes - for example, additional light sources on the ground floor - are clear and contemporary. The overall impression of the settlement that emerged from the playful serial concepts of the seventies could be preserved as well as renewed.





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