Bauhaus Building - Dessau - Germany

In order to optimize the energy efficiency of Bauhaus in Dessau as well as minimize the interventions made to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, repurposing became the basis of this renovation concept.
In the former workshop wing, with its historically listed glass curtain walls, offices had been installed that were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.
Instead of implementing structural changes, the offices were moved into the north wing. The workshop wing will be used only for seasonal exhibitions, so that maintaining an overall temperature of sixteen degrees Celsius will suffice.
This reduces the heating expenditures in this part of the building by half - without the need for structural change.
In the ancillary buildings, the heating facilities were dismantled; temperature control of the storage rooms will be provided through waste heat only. The majority of the physical interventions, such as the installation of new window elements and a photovoltaic system were implemented in the north wing.





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