Boca Chica Hotel - Acapulco - Mexico

Hotel Bocachica is a 50’s hotel located on Caletilla Beach, a very popular destination for families and Acapulco locals. The surrounding neighborhood, Las Playas, was once the place where the original Mexican ‘jet set’ community vacationed. Today it is quite run down.
For the hotel, we renovated the original building and added new, site-specific design elements and techniques.
The vicinity of the hotel has developed its own, very particular, physiognomy.
Locals often use 60’s Modern images and ideas and tailor them to their own understanding, mixing in their contemporary tropical handwork and design concepts. Borrowing from such a cross-section, we used this formal blend throughout the entire hotel’s architecture, from interiors to furniture, which in turn, revitalized its identity as a whole.





Architecture as Resource / Imprint