The dovecote - Soutelo - Portugal

This old dovecote situated in Soutelo (Portugal) was reformed by Sequeira Arquitectos Associados.
The owner asked the architects to recover this little building that was placed in the backyard of his home. They decided to propose a play house for the children and a balneary to serve the pool on the ground floor. The whole family loved the idea. The architects wanted to project a play room inspired by magic, fantasy and also by the childhood dreams and memories. They decided to transform the old dovecote in a minimal concrete «tree house» that represent these memories and fantasies of pure and peaceful way. They look for a way that seemed the main volume is levitating as a tree house but simultaneously it had to be balanced and pure. The idea was that the interior was absent of superfluous elements and were gradually decorated by the works and toys of these children as a reflection of consumer society we are experiencing. Some elements remained of the original building as the triangular window through which entered doves.

[project selected by Arianna Tomatis]





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