Hermann Kaufmann

Wohnhausanlage - München - Germany

The project is a building in München, Germany, where Hermann Kaufmann Architekten had to face new challenges, both constructively and physically, for its realization.
In addition, the building is constructed according to the latest findings of modern timber construction: on the load-bearing prefabricated frame walls and single supports, steel beams are laid, on which boards for wooden boards have once again been laid.
Their bottom side remains visible and gives the apartments a special character.
The outer shell was prefabricated in the factory, its thermal insulation complies with the passive house requirements.
The cladding of the facades was done with rough, vertical, gray-glazed spruce boards.
On the basis of many years of experience with this type of outer cladding, long durability and low maintenance costs can be expected.
The facade is intended to make wood construction experienceable, and the coloured treatment is due to the integration into the context and a careful, controlled anticipation of the characteristic aging process of the wood.

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