Boundary Window - Tokyo - Japan

Shingo Masuda and Katsuhisa Otsubo transformed an old two-storey house into a cameraman’s photographic studio.
They turned a building that previously housed three separate apartments into an open-plan interior space.
All the existing partition walls on both floors were removed in order to create large fluid spaces. The intervention is characterized by a grid of steel and glass that entirely fronts the structure like a gate.
The glass structure is rising out of alignment with the original one.
By contrast, the windows on the sides of the building are simple conventional fixed elements with steel frames. On the wall facing the road, the facade alludes to a past existence, with grey painted walls and the frames of previous openings.
On the contrary, in the suburban context, the transformation of the facades creates a clear separation between old and new. In fact the structure’s original dimensions and modestly sized window openings are still visible.

[project selected by Naomi Guastini]





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