Casa Dcs - Ragusa - Italy

The building, situates in the center of Ragusa, was an old factory where cheese was produced.
The project, due to the emptying of a portion of the building, allows an optimal reorganization of spaces leading us to reflect on the subtraction as a transformation of the existing strategy.
This strategy allows the creation of an internal courtyard and a better circulation and use of living spaces.
The livability of the environments facing the new internal void facing south; the house is closed in on itself ensuring an appropriate system for privacy.

[project selected by Piero Graziani]

The project is about the renovation of a building in the oldest part of Ragusa in Sicily. The building, originally used for the production
and sale of the traditional cheese has been transformed into house.
The solution adopted was to create a courtyard by removing a portion of volume.
Such a decision reduces the living space but brings considerable benefits and allows an optimal reorganization of the spaces, making
the new void the heart of the building.

-courtesy Giuseppe Gurrieri + Valentina Giampiccolo





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