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Im Viadukt - Zürich - Switzerland

At the end of the 1980s, the SBB made plans to expand the viaduct eastward under the project name “Fil Rouge”, in order to increase the capacity of the Zurich HB-Oerlikon line.
The new tracks would have been two to three meters higher than those already laid.
The tunnel that followed would have still only had two tracks, and trains would have passed the windows of the homes next to the tracks as closely as three meters.
The project submitted by EM2N architects and their partner Zulauf Seippel Schweingruber Landscape Architects were chosen as the winners of the architectural competition for the redevelopment of the viaduct arches and the design of the Lettenviaduktweg.
IM VIADUKT was planned as a meeting place for citizens of the district and its visitors.
Together with professional planners, the PWG Foundation then refined the project until it was ready for execution.
In 2011, the viaduct constructions were awarded three architectural prizes.

[project selected by Christopher Fraquelli]





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