Martino Pedrozzi

Ricomposizioni - Valle Malvaglia - Switzerland

“First there was the stone, which an unsuspecting observer could confuse with crushed stone erupted from the permafrost.
Two friends, in just three hours working hard to throw stones diligently toward what gradually formed a center and then a rectangle, finally led to view the traces of a rustic foundation that piled stones have now filled in form mound. The image that was defined at Loos is architecture focuses the operation carried out by two friends: here on the alp of Sceru they have given burial to a house.
Imagine that the two continue with the same vigor piling mounds that speak to us of houses, barns and roads. Would not it be a nice way to seal “abandonment”?”

- Martino Pedrozzi

[project selected by Nicolò Clerici]

Sceru is a mountain pasture located at 1´968 metres above sea level in Malvaglia Valley, Switzerland. The architectural intervention
addresses the ruins of farms, and consists in the rearrangement of the fallen stones within their original perimeter. The recomposition
of the ruins is a landscape safeguard gesture: it re-establishes the farms as reference points in the territory and it restores the
public space of this place. Its contribution is immaterial as well and consists in a tribute to the civilizations that preceded us. Sceru
project is part of a long term initiative started in year 2000 based on voluntary participation. Up until now more than 40 ruins were
recomposed in the alps of Sceru, Giumello and Quarnéi.

- courtesy Martino Pedrozzi





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