Bunker Pavilion - Vuren - Netherlands

The half-submerged bunker has an internal area of 9sqm, and less than 2m height, thus each elements has been studied to make optimum use of the space.
The project site is set on the rural site of Fort Vuren in the Netherlands, which is part of the old Dutch waterline defence system that has been neglected since the end of World War Two. A renovation of the dilapidated structure was commissioned for an advertising campaign by Belgian agency Famous, which gave two families the possibility to win a holiday refuge. Le Corbusier’s Cabanon de Vacances has been chosen as the main reference to look at to study the best use of the space.
As one enters one steps down into a dark opening, a deep opening ahead offers a perspective through to the interior, while a glass door leads inside.
A kitchen was built into an existing wall niche using a simple steel framework, with a sink plumbed in and a small cooking area. Beyond this, a rusted doorway provides access to the main space, which functions as both a living and sleeping area. Bunkbeds line the walls, with storage underneath, while other objects suit multiple functions.
“All furniture can fold or slide away or be pushed up and down. Therefore all objects have a double function,” explained Despierre.
Additional living space is provided by an outdoor terrace that could be used for outdoor cooking, sunbathing or entertaining.
This terrace was constructed using wooden planks that mimic the board-formed surfaces of the original concrete. Its shape also matches the area and dimensions of the bunker’s interior.

[project selected by Stefania Agostini]





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